I've been fascinated by the sheer multitude of possibilities the web has to offer a creative mind since I've surfed my first typical nineties' web site. Since then I've been playing around with CSS and HTML constantly, even before I got an Internet connection myself. But it wasn't until I started learning JavaScript, PHP, Databases and experimented with other programming languages and web technologies until I realized on a larger scale what versatile playground I had stepped into. I was hooked.

Finally, I decided to make a profession of what I had learned over the years. At first I was reluctant, because I never had a job before that I actually loved and didn't want to make my precious hobby a boring job like any other. Needless to say I was wrong and making my hobby a job was probably the best decision of my life, so far. In May 2013 I started working as a screen designer for a Berlin-based start-up to co-design an iPhone app. Unfortunately, as it is the fate of most start-ups developing new concepts, the product seemed to be too radical of a change to many users and the app eventually stopped existing. But for me the way I decided to go branched into another world I always wanted to be a part of.

Since early 2014 I've been working as a freelance front-end developer for different clients, agencies, start-ups, small businesses and helped building many interesting projects. Freelance work is most exciting to me. While I've been working with all the different people, companies and technologies I've learned new things constantly, which I consider both the most intriguing and important part of my job.


Recent Projects

  • Kerstens Kamine
    Kerstens Kamine
  • BÄM!
  • WSG-Bitterfeld
  • Dietrich Henschel
    Dietrich Henschel
  • Letmecode Homepage
    Letmecode Homepage

Philosophy of Design

  • Good design is the balance between intuition and efficiency
  • Appreciating constructive criticism will spare you a lot of problems
  • Every new project is a learning process – and learning is good
  • The path of least resistance often trapped and rarely the optimal way

CLients & Partners